CATHEDRAL OF THE ASCENSION IN NABREZHNYE CHELNYis a historical and cultural monument (the synonym of the name is the Cathedral of the Ascension  in Borovetskoe, the everyday name is the Ascension Cathedral). It is included in the State protected register of immovable monuments of history, culture and architecture of republican significance (1985). The current Orthodox three-altar church on Chulman Avenue is the territory of the former Borovetskoe village. It was built in 1872–89 in the Russian-Byzantine style at the expense of Elabuga merchant D.I.  Stakheev and parishioners instead of the former wooden one. In 1982, the left chapel of Dimitriy Solunsky was consecrated, in 1885  the right side-chapel was sanctified in honor of the Ascension of the Cross (Holy Cross), in 1989 the main altar was consecrated. Religious building is a symmetrical-axial composition made of red brick. The central octahedral volume has a dome end on the light drum.It covers the three-aisled refectory. Above the western porch there is a three-tiered bell tower, the four-door bell tower has a cross vaulted ceiling with keeled ends. The corners and walls of the temple are unfettered lesenes, over window openings and niches there are keeled pediments.

The cathedral was closed in the 1930s, there was a mill in the building. The temple was later supposed to be the heart of the museum and ethnographic complex, which project was developed by the creative team of the department of the chief architect of KamAZ. But according to the general plan, the church interfered with the city highway and was subject to demolition. Thanks to the perseverance of the designers G.A. Ivanov, V.I. Haiman, the highway was moved to the side. In the late 80s - early 90s with the participation of employees of the Kamgesenergostroy the building of the temple was restored and the territory was arranged. There was a complex consisting of several buildings for various purposes and a gate with a fence. The design of the iconostasis and icons were made in Leningrad. A.Ilin, N.Maksimov took part in the painting of the altar according to the sketches of the artist V.Krainikov.

Later, a new iconostasis was created. It was made by Chelny masters - Vladimir Polyakov and his son. The icons are painted by local icon painter K.A. Silvestrov. Since the former iconostasis was made in the Catholic style, it was transferred to the temple of the village Ilbuhtino. In general, the architecture of the temple is eclectic with a predominance of pseudo-russian style. In 2011, the two domes of the Ascension Cathedral were replaced by specialists from CJSC “Vertical” (town of Trekhgorny, Chelyabinsk Region). On May 30, 2011 new domes in the temple part (height 6 m, diameter 9 m, weight 4.1 tons) and on the bell tower (diameter 8 m, weight 3.8 tons) with a nitride-titanium coating the color of gold were installed.